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Red Lion Hotels are a celebration of locality, for the traveler who collects experiences and understands that every trip ought to be a little bit different. 
The traditions of each Red Lion city, from British Columbia through the Pacific Northwest, are captured by a warm, personable staff who can't wait to show off their home. MORE»

What if you're hungry in Wenatchee, WA?

Or wondering where the best coffee in Lewiston, ID is? Maybe it's a last-minute gift in Helena, MT or a decent movie theater near the Portland, OR airport.

Do you want hotels in the Pacific Northwest that send you off to the nearest chain restaurant, big box store or 20-theatre giga-plex? Or do you want a real answer?

A Mom & Pop diner where you can get an order of Mom's famous fried chicken with a side of Pop's equally famous grouchiness. A pharmacy that sells neat black-and-white photos of the rock quarry (before it became a Staples) or a movie house that runs Paul Newman double features every third Thursday.

Honest answers, hometown buzz and a genuine local smile, they're what our hotels have been offering for decades; they're what makes a Red Lion a Red Lion.

Relax with Red Lion Hotel, operating a collection of British Columbia and Pacific Northwest hotels, knowing you've paid the best possible rate for your stay. View our "We Promise or We Pay" Rate Guarantee. «LESS

Great Locations to Explore

If it’s big city adventure you seek then check out some of our favorite destination Hotels.

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