Across America 2022: Mount Rainier National Park


Serving as the backdrop of Seattle, as well as a paradise of Pacific Northwest nature, Mount Rainier National Park is an ideal place for hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers. Mount Rainier, standing 14,410 ft tall is an active volcano that last erupted about 1,000 years ago. It also has 25 major glaciers. Within the park there are 260 miles of hiking trails to explore, and an abundance of plants and wildlife to admire. From Seattle, the park is just under 2 hours away, making it easily accessible for an incredible day trip. Luckily, we have a variety of upscale to more budget-friendly hotel in the Seattle region so you can stay near both city and nature.

Mount Rainier National Park

Top Hikes

Skyline Trail Loop

A moderate to difficult hike, this hike can be tough but worth it. Circling the Paradise area of the park, it offers unbeatable views of Mt. Rainier.

Grove of the Patriarchs Trail

For something unique and magical, head into the forests of Mount Rainier National Park with a hike through this colorful trail filled with lush greenery, blue glacial river waters, and stunningly tall red cedar trees.

Silver Falls Trail

If you’re a waterfall seeker, be sure to hike this trail, which leads to an impressive waterfall surrounded by vibrant scenery. The rushing river leads to the waterfall ledges and plunges down about 40 feet into a beautiful pool of dark blue waters.

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