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A Majestic Sight Over the Snake River Canyon

Just minutes from Red Lion Hotel Twin Falls, Perrine Bridge is a majestic sight. The  four-lane bridge is approximately 1,500 feet long and hovers 486 feet above the Snake River Canyon. Come stay at our convenient hotel near the Perrine Bridge for premier access to one of the main attractions in Twin Falls. 

BASE Jumping

Perrine Bridge is a popular BASE jumping site, renowned all over the world over. The bridge is the only man-made structure in the country where BASE jumping is allowed year-round without a permit. Located at the southwest end of the bridge is the Twin Falls Visitor Center, where visitors can pick up souvenirs and gifts, Idaho products, tourism information and see interactive exhibits highlighting the activities and attractions in the region. BASE Jumpers often use the center as a home-base before and after parachuting from the bridge.


The visitor center also offers spectacular views of the canyon, bridge, and easy access to the highly developed trail system along the canyon rim. Trails pass under the bridge on either side so you can view the iconic bridge from all sides of the canyon.