A Top Choice in Lassen National Park Hotels

A Treat for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Red Lion Inn & Suites Susanville is a top choice in Lassen National Park hotels, located a scenic hour's drive away. Home to roaring fumaroles, wildflower-covered meadows, crystal clear mountain lakes and numerous volcanoes, the volcanic national park continues to evolve in landscape, creating a must-see site. Take advantage of endless opportunities to discover the beauty and mystery of volcanoes and hot water in this natural wonderland.

While here, be sure to explore the park's hydrothermal areas, including steaming fumaroles, pulsating mud pots, boiling pools and more. These features are related to active volcanism and indicate the area's persistent potential for further eruptions from the Lassen volcanic center. Some areas to visit with the national park include:

  • Bumpass Hell
  • Sulphur Works
  • Devils Kitchen
  • Boiling Springs Lake
  • Cold Boiling Lake

To learn more about the park, please call (530) 595-4480. Book your Lassen National Park lodging today with Red Lion Inn & Suites Susanville.