The Best of Susanville Tourism

Unearth Hidden Gems

Oftentimes, the best attractions are off the beaten path. Explore some of our favorite hidden gems for a taste of unique Susanville tourism and book the best accommodation around Ice Cave Ridge with Red Lion Inn & Suites. Also, be sure to ask our friendly staff members for some of their favorite nearby hotspots for a dose of local knowledge you won't find in any guidebook.

Belfast Petroglyphs

Take the Belfast Petroglyphs Trail through an arid volcanic landscape surrounded by rough lava boulders and sagebrush to find the inspiring Belfast Petroglyphs, messages from Native Americans, which were carved into the rocks around 2000 years ago.

Eagle Lake Ice Caves

On the western side of Eagle Lake lies a lava flow almost three miles long, under which is a large body of ice. At various points where the basaltic tubes have collapsed, majestic ice caves have formed. Come explore these epic hidden gems on an unforgettable hike during your stay in Susanville.