Seattle Attractions

The Best of the Emerald City

Seattle attractions appeal to adventurers of all stripes. For explorers looking to hit the outdoors and climb mountains, Mount Rainier is just a short trip away from the city with skiing, hiking, and many lively activities. For urban adventurers, The Space Needle lets you have the view of a mountain in the middle of the city. Savor a panoramic view of the Emerald City.

The Space Needle

Standing high in the middle of the city's skyline, the Space Needle is Seattle's most famous building. Its slender curves and disc-topped summit make it instantly recognizable. The SkyCity Restaurant lets you dine in style on modern dishes with the best view of the city. A meal there comes with a free trip up to the Observation Deck to see jaw-dropping sights. At 520 feet, nothing blocks your view from an amazing 360 degree view of Seattle. Any trip to the city isn't complete until you've seen it from The Space Needle.

Skiing Near Seattle

A trip to Seattle means that you're near Washington's excellent ski slopes and impressive mountain ranges. Mount Rainier is the highest point in Washington, at 14,411 feet. This active volcano last erupted in 1820, but during the winter, its slopes are covered in white, shining snow. In addition to Mt. Rainier's towering presence, Northwest Washington offers many ski resorts outside of town, including Crystal Mountain Resort, which will let you experience the mountain in both summer and winter. In summer, explore their hiking and horseback trails and take in a meal at the Summit House Restaurant.