Discover Local San Angelo Dining

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Experience San Angelo’s most popular local cuisine during your stay at Red Lion Hotel San Angelo. From authentic Mexican to southern comfort food, there’s plenty of great dining to be found near our hotel.

Local San Angelo Dining

Black Sheep Bar & Grill

441 Rio Concho Dr., San Angelo, TX 76903
Experience true Southern hospitality at the Black Sheep Bar & Grill. Located on-site, this local restaurant offers home cooking perfect for the whole family.  

Henry’s Diner

3015 Sherwood Way, San Angelo, TX 76901 (3.5 miles)
Get a taste for authentic Tex-Mex cuisine at local staple Henry’s Diner. Enjoy food, drinks, and fun at this neighborhood favorite, minutes from our hotel in San Angelo, TX.

Angry Cactus

1 W Concho Ave, San Angelo, TX 76903 (0.7 miles)
If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience in San Angelo, look no further than the Angry Cactus. This bar and grill is located in the heart of downtown and has quickly become a local landmark.