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Red Lion Richland is located in a city rich with culture and history. In 1805, Lewis and Clark became famous for their expedition travel in the Tri Cities. It was at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers that the Lewis & Clark Expedition knew, for the first time since entering uncharted territory, exactly where they were.

Today, the three rivers of Snake, Columbia and Yakima link the three cities of Pasco, Kennewick and Richland -forming the Tri Cities. Together, the three distinct cities offer a multitude of recreational, cultural and historical activities, including premier year-round golf courses, award-winning wineries, museums, first-class shopping and an abundance of outdoor recreation.

With that said, our Tri Cities travel guide will not only recommend the best things to do in Richland, WA but also the top sights and attractions located in Pasco and Kennewick.

Clover Island Lighthouse

With inspiring views of the Columbia River, the Clover Island Lighthouse is located right on the riverbank. This active lighthouse features a round concrete tower with lantern, gallery and a focal plane of about 70 feet.

Columbia River
The Columbia River is the hub for boating, fishing, swimming and other recreational aquatic activities. Whether you're with the family or a special someone, spend your day relaxing riverside at this historic waterway.

Hanford Reach National Monument
The river is what binds us all together and the stories of the river told by the REACH will be our legacy to future generations. It will be a reflection of who we are and all  of the elements that have been woven together to make the Hanford Reach National Monument unique in the world. As a storyteller, our goal is to bring our history, culture, and heritage alive for learners of all ages. We will reflect on where we have been, who we are now and where we are going. Our story begins with the land itself and the early formation of the Hanford Reach National Monument via the Basalt Flows and the Ice-Age Floods. We will explore the peopling of this land from the Native Americans to Lewis and Clark and the early White Bluffs settlers who planted the seeds of an agricultural community. We will commemorate the Northern Pacific Railroad, the construction of Grand Coulee Dam, and the Columbia Basin Project that brought water to the Columbia Basin, transforming the land to an oasis in the desert.

Visit the Hanford Reach National Monument site.

Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park
One of the most unusual fossil forests in the world, the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park boasts 7,470 acres of petrified trees that were discovered in the early 1930s. A registered national natural landmark, the Ginkgo Petrified Forest offers a year-round camping ground at Wanapum recreational area and some unforgettable sights. 

Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)
An information-packed haven for science enthusiasts, LIGO is a gravitational wave observatory dedicated to studying the gravitational waves that originated hundreds of millions of light-years from earth. Learn more about Einstein's Theory of General Relativity in one of the LIGO's fascinating public tours and introduce your little ones to the thrill of science at the Kids' Corner.

Rollarena Skating Center
Located less than a mile from Red Lion Richland, Rollarena Skating Center provides public skating, party facilities and lessons. Participate in a game of Roller Hockey, dance to an electric light show and introduce the kids to some good ol' fashioned fun at the roller rink.

Wine Country

The Tri-Cities' area wineries are still young enough to be intimate, yet experienced enough to produce world-class wines. A visit to one of the 160 area wineries in the Columbia Valley is a truly unique experience. You will often be greeted by the winemaker and invited to tour the vineyards, labs and warehouse. 

An almost magical combination of soil and climate makes Columbia Valley & Red Mountain fruit unique from wine grapes grown elsewhere in the state. The region's long, hot summer days and crisp, cool evening breezes, combine with high mineral, sandy, loess soils left by Ice Age Floods; creating near perfect conditions for making great wine.

Red Mountain offers more than 15 wineries all located in the Red Mountain AVA, with many additional Washington wineries sourcing grapes from Red Mountain's premiere growers.  Primary grape varieties planted include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Sangiovese, Malbec, and Petit Verdot

Wineries Near Us

                Terra Blanca Vinters

                34715 Demoss Rd, Benton City WA 99320


                Bookwalter Winery

                894 Tulip Ln, Richland WA 99352


                Tagaris Winery and Taverna Tagaris

                844 Tulip Ln, Richland WA 99352


                Cooper Wine Company

                35306 N Sunset Rd, Benton City WA 99320


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