Stay Green

Our Commitment to Being a Green Hotel in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon is known for its beauty, green spaces and pristine natural wonders. Red Lion Hotels would like to keep it that way. By meeting a wide range of environmentally friendly standards and incorporating innovative programs and amenities into our everyday operations, Red Lion Hotel Portland Airport is one of the leading green hotels in Portland, Oregon. Our eco-friendly program extends to our guestrooms and features, but only to enhance the quality of your stay. Below you’ll find an outline of our eco-friendly initiatives designed to make sure that our eco-friendly hotel in Portland, Oregon remains one of the greenest and cleanest in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Green Hotel in Portland, OR Employs the Following Sustainable Purchasing Practices:

  • Recycled paper products
  • Recycled office supplies including scissors, rulers, printer cartridges, etc.
  • Utilize environmentally responsible cleaning products (MSDS Health Hazard Rating 1 or less)
  • Use local suppliers whenever possible
  • Bulk purchases

In Our Everyday Business Practices:

  • 100% non-smoking hotel
  • In-House Green Team
  • Provide methods for recycling to all groups, guests, vendors and hotel employees
  • Energy-efficient lighting throughout the hotel
  • Recycling program for aluminum, plastic, steel, glass, cardboard, mixed paper, hangers, toner cartridges and batteries
  • Reduce packaging by utilizing reusable versus disposable goods; this extends to purchasing food, beverages and supplies in bulk where possible and requiring vendors to take back pallets and crates
  • Offer a reuse option for linen, towels and sheets for guests staying multiple-nights
  • Water conserving fixtures including sensor controlled faucets and toilets in the public restrooms
  • Sleep modes on computers
  • Paperless communication internally and externally
  • An active system to detect and repair leaking toilets, faucets and showerheads
  • When available, the hotel purchases products that are comprised of recycled, bio-based materials, energy efficient, water efficient and/or are environmentally preferable.
  • Paper products bleached without chlorine and/or made with the following minimum post-consumer recycle contents when available:
    1. Office paper 30% post-consumer recycled content
    2. Glossy printed material 10% post-consumer recycled content