Plan Your Yellowstone Vacation

Pocatello is Your Gateway

When seeking hotels close to Yellowstone National Park west entrance or south entrance, consider Red Lion Hotel Pocatello as your gateway. Yellowstone vacations are convenient and affordable with Red Lion, a pleasant home base for explorers and adventurers. 

How to Get to Yellowstone

If entering through the south or west entrances of Yellowstone, you either have the opportunity to travel through the scenic Grand Teton National Park — a 26-mile long national park known for its stunning Grand Teton Mountain Range or West Yellowstone in Montana.  

What to Do and See in Yellowstone

When you've arrived, don't be overwhelmed by what seems like endless acres within the world's first national park. We recommend touring a geyser basin, seeing the Upper and Lower Falls at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, hiking a trail and spotting some wildlife (a bison is virtually guaranteed). 

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