Skydive Perris

See Southern California From Above

Thrill-seeking guests at Red Lion Inn & Suites Perris can satisfy their adrenaline needs right here in SoCal at Skydive Perris. This popular Los Angeles-area skydiving center is located less than 5 minutes from our property and has been teaching eager students the art of freefalling for over 40 years.

This on-site skydiving school is the largest facility on the West Coast and features the biggest fleet of aircrafts. The programs at this Perris skydiving site are designed to accommodate a range of different skill levels. Newcomers can try a tandem jump from 12,500 feet while securely attached to their instructor. These falls last nearly a minute before the 5-10 minute parachute canopy descent. An accelerated freefall program is also available. If you meet the requirements as an experienced USPA member, head to this drop zone for a solo jump and experience California from a new perspective.

Skydive Perris is also the only center on the West Coast with an on-site indoor skydiving simulator. This experience can be enjoyed without an airplane and is geared toward both children and adults. The unique wind tunnel provides all the sensations of freefalling within a safe, air-pressurized room—no parachutes needed.

Skydive Perris

2091 Goetz Road
Perris, CA 92570
1 (800) 832-8818