Project Wake Up Call

Everyone Deserves A Roof Over Their Head

We believe everyone deserves to sleep with a roof over his or her head. When our first property in Baltimore opened, we launched Project Wake Up Call: Baltimore Uncovered. The art project rose awareness and funds for the homeless in Baltimore. Now, we've brought Project Wake Up Call with us to Spokane.

Spokane Uncovered highlights the difficulties of the homeless in Spokane. With your help, we can feed, clothe and serve more people in Spokane. We work with Blessings Under The Bridge, a nonprofit devoted to feeding the homeless and restoring hope, purpose and dignity to those lost on the streets. Now, through Blessings Under The Bridge, you can make a difference, too.

It is estimated that on any given night in US, more than 600,000 people experience homelessness. As members of the lodging industry, the members of Hotel RL feel it is their duty to do something about this. Project Wake Up Call is the response. Donate $100 or more to Project Wake Up Call, and you can have a night's stay in the Hotel RL of your choice.

Spokane’s growing homeless population needs more than the night sky to shelter them. Learn more about supporting Project Wake Up Call here.