Hotel Near Snake River

Red Lion Inn & Suites

Over a thousand miles long, the Snake River runs from western Wyoming through Idaho and Oregon before finally reaching its mouth in Washington’s Tri-Cities, where it enters the Columbia River. The Snake River presents ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. The historic Farewell Bend Recreation Area offers fishing, boating, and water skiing along the Brownlee Reservoir. Other natural sites abound around the area.

Just a short drive from our hotel is Owyhee State Park, which has camping and picnic facilities. The park lies in the Owyhee Reservoir, a 53-mile long lake. Volcanic rock formations color the landscape. The area is popular with boaters, and largemouth bass, catfish, rainbow trout, and crappie populate the waters. Even if you do not plan on camping, the natural beauty around Ontario and the Snake River makes for excellent scenery on a relaxing drive.