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9/8/19 - 7pm - Jake Palazzi

Jake Palazzi began playing cello in 1st grade, 12 years later he still loves it immensely.  He’s been in 3 school orchestras over the years at the same time as taking weekly private lessons.  As well as playing the cello Jake has acted in plays and sung in choirs for about 10 years.  His hobbies include, biking, backpacking, running, reading, and swing dancing.  Jake would like to thank all his mentors including his wonderful private teacher Chris Leach, his great choir director Dan Schwartz, and his fantastic Symphony conductors Joe Dyvig and Chip Schooler for all the amazing opportunities they’ve allowed him and the wisdom they’ve given him over the years.  

Jake will be playing 4 unaccompanied Bach movements.  The Prelude from the second suite, Minuets 1&2 from the first suite, and the Prelude from the first suite.