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8/25/16 - 7pm - Heartsparkle Players & the Thunders

The Heartsparkle Players have been performing Playback Theatre, a style of improvisational theatre for twenty-five years. Members of the audience tell personal stories and the actors and musicians “play it back” using dialogue, movement and music. It is a way to build community and experience our shared humanity. For eighteen years we have been performing with young adults (The Thunders) who are on the spectrum of ability/disability. The past two years the Heartsparkle Players and the Thunders have been performing together in schools promoting empathy and compassion.

Debe Edden, the Artistic and Managing Director of the Heartsparkle Players is an Accredited Trainer of Playback Theatre and is a Board Member of the International Centre for Playback Theatre. She has been a performer for over forty years.

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