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7/27/16 - 5pm - Laurie Thomas

"Meditation, the Catalyst between Art and Emotion"

Inspiration is all around us.  It is only when we stop to really see and listen do we breathe in the beauty of the world around us.  I was weeding in the garden one day when a friend stopped by to chat.  As he was leaving he asked me why I didn’t have my ear buds in listening to music.  “I’m listening to the birds”, I said.  The response caused him to hesitate and look at me as though “oh, I never thought of listening to a bird.”  How sad that all the beauty around us tends to go unnoticed and, unfortunately, often times uncared for. 

I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin.  My father was very much a man of the earth.  He celebrated in, nurtured and honored Mother Nature and the treasures she offers up to us.  Early on I was taught to treat our environment with respect.  My dad would religiously remind me to clean the garden tools.  As his grandmother told him he told me – “the garden tools are like the tools a surgeon uses on a human.  Keep them clean.”  And so I did. 

When I did the “Earth Shall Weep” painting I was thinking of my father and those times I worked with him in the fields and garden.  My grandmother, many generations removed, was a full blooded American Indian.  Dad read a multitude of books on the American Indian.  One from which the quote comes from is called “The Earth Shall Weep” by James Wilson.   Read it if you dare. 

Another painting that strikes a chord is “What if there is NO tomorrow?”  The painting makes people uncomfortable and that was my intention.  I would hope that people would consider the question from two aspects – that of abortion and just the thought of any of us not having tomorrow.  How would we spend our final day? 

As with all my paintings inspiration comes from within.  I may have an idea of what I want to paint but most often what ends up on canvas is nothing like I was planning.  They are all born from the unconsciousness.  There is some story to be told.  Some stories I didn’t even know about until it burst forth in living color. 

My hope is that my art will cause you, if but for a moment, to pause and consider where you fit into the picture. 

Laurie Anne Thomas