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7/26/2016 - 6pm - Don Trosper Olytum Foundation

Don Trosper is the Public History Manager of the “Heritage Builders” local history program for the Olympia Tumwater Foundation (  Don is a descendant of the Trosper for whom Trosper Road is named and is related to one of the founders of Tumwater, Jesse Ferguson.  Don and his family still reside on the old 1892 homestead property. 

Don still works part time in his lifelong career in local radio (  His hobby has been local history with an emphasis on Tumwater.  He has written books, articles, radio scripts, and has even taught a series on Southwest Washington history at the local community college (SPSCC) in their continuing education program.  He is the past president of the Tumwater Historical Assn. and is on the Tumwater Historic Preservation Commission.  He and his wife Debbie have been married since 1976 and has two children and two grandchildren. 

Don’s position with this non-profit philanthropic foundation includes writing, speaking, and organizing local history talks, tours and conferences from his office in the historic Schmidt House, the home of the founders of the famous Olympia Brewing Company.  He has also written and hosted a series of three minute Tumwater history video features with the help of the City of Tumwater and TCTV.  The 20 episodes of “Talking Over Old Times” can be viewed on the blog found on the foundation’s website (, on the City of Tumwater website ( or on YouTube. 

He can be reached by is contact info below:


Phone: 360-786-8117