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10/21/16 - 6pm - The Roberts Sisters

The Roberts Sisters come from a large family of self-taught musicians and singers with professional and amateur performance experience. Their musical roots are a huge part of their heritage born from an Irish/Welch father, and native Hawaiian mother. As young children, they grew up singing in the back seats of their travel van and filled their car with song. Their harmonies came naturally over time. They were known in their local community for singing at school events, local weddings, and other community functions.

Life took the Roberts Sisters in different directions, and now they are all back in WA state, living in Lewis and Thurston counties – close enough to practice and sing again. A few years ago they were invited to sing at the Rainier Blue Grass Festival and since then received invites for return performances. Not only do they sing Blue Grass, but they enjoy singing from other musical genres such as Folk, Light Rock, Country, Gospel/Spiritual, and Hawaiian. The Roberts Sisters are looking for an experienced guitarist/musician who enjoys performing occasionally in an informal casual setting. Come meet Aliiolani, Lei Kukui, Mokihana, and Punalei at the RL Olympia, Living Stage, Friday October 21, 6pm.