Find Things to Do in Montesano

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Quick Area Guide

  • Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds and Event Center (About 10 mi from hotel.)
  • Grays Harbor Raceway (About 10 mi from hotel.)
  • Lake Sylvia State Park (About 2 mi. from hotel.)
  • Ocean Shores Beach (About 40 mi. from hotel.)
  • Wynoochee Dam/Reservoir (About 36 mi. from hotel.)
  • Westport Beach (About 40 mi. from hotel.)
  • Friend's Landing Campground (About 3.5 mi from hotel.)

Places of Interest

  • Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds 

32 Elma McCleary Rd
Elma, WA
The Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds is located in Elma, Washington. The grounds are 68 acres in size, and include 15 major buildings and barns, 1200 parking spaces, and two outdoor stages. The Fairgrounds can host events as large as the Annual County Fair and the National Sprint Car tour, or as small as a committee meeting.

  • Grays Harbor Raceway

32 Elma McCleary Rd
Elma, WA
3/8-mile oval raceway featuring midget, stock & other auto races plus snacks & occasional fireworks.

  • Lake Sylvia State Park

1812 Lake Sylvia Rd N
Montesano, WA
Lake Sylvia State Park is a 233-acre state-operated, public recreation area bordering the north edge of Montesano in Grays Harbor County, Washington. The park is located in dense temperate rain forest.