Outdoor Activities in Missoula

Things To Do In The Great Outdoors

Outdoor recreation is our specialty in Missoula. From biking to running to even disc golf, you will find a plethora of outdoor activities in Missoula, along with dozens of scenic areas for you to enjoy. Here are our picks for the best outdoor activities in town.


Missoula has been labeled a gold-friendly bicycle city. You will see just as many bikes as cars downtown. 20 miles of bike lanes weave through the city streets, and after just a ten minute ride, you will find yourself on the stunning western slopes. The Clark Fork Riverfront Trail and The Kim Williams Nature Trail are fantastic places to explore with your bike. 


If you're a bird-watcher, you will find a bevy of species in the wilds around Missoula. Woodpeckers, blue herons, flycatchers, bald eagles, and osprey are just some of the diverse species spread through the local trails and recreation areas. 


Enjoy the dozens of stunning camping locations throughout the area. However you want to camp-in an RV, or rough it in the outdoors-we have campsites galore for you to explore.

Disc Golf

Get sporty and play a few games of disc golf at Blue Mountain and Pattee Canyon recreation areas. 


See the brilliant trails and nature winding throughout the city. You will find a park every couple of blocks, and there's a gorgeous trail winding along the river. Whether you are walking or going for a run, you'll have the stunning scenery for company.

Experience the amazing outdoors during your time in Missoula.