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12/02/17 - 7PM - Patch Work Fools

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Patch Work Fools | Denser Suns

"A patchwork quilt will keep you warm at night, whether the pieces match or not."

In mid-November the Patchwork Fools made an album in 24 hours and live-streamed the process for the world to see. No live audience has heard the songs from the experiment. But on December 2, 2017, the band will play them for the first—and last—time. What can 24 hours of creative adrenaline produce? Join the Fools at Hotel RL to find out.

The Patchwork Fools meld the thought provoking songwriting and nuanced instrumental composition of guitarist and singer Will Mason with the helical harmonies and boundless spirit of The Match Twins (Aviva and Leora Match). Inventive drummer Josh Funk rounds out their indie style. Together, the Fools celebrate beauty alongside the challenges that arise in each person’s search for love and meaning in the vast universe.

“The world needs more humble, enthusiastic, authentic fools.” Karin Sieger

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