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08/07/18 - 6PM - Milton Rogers

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Milton Rogers | Forever Mine Tour | A Brilliant Night of Alternative Music

My names is Milton Rogers, named after my father, and his father before him. I am originally from Stockton CA. Stockton is where I began my music journey. Like most people who struggle in life, I needed an escape, for me that would be music. I would spend hours daily practicing the piano. I played like nothing else mattered. I used the keys to release frustrations for the things I lacked in life. However, I soon realized that music needed to be more than my punching bag. I needed to use my talents to talk about love and spread a positive message, so that others who hear can be uplifted. I know what it means to be homeless, fatherless, and friendless. I understand fear, pain, and anger. But I also know healing, hope, and love. It’s my purpose, to inject this generation with what they need, with what they long for. Thus, my philosophy became one of my favorite lyrics I have ever written, “if only you knew, that someone loved you, it fix your broken heart” (Forever Mine). Now that’s my mission. To get the word out to as many people as possible. Your heart can be fixed, you can be loved, and you can give that to someone else. This messaged is echoed in my job as a Behavioral Health Specialists, at the State prison in Kingman AZ, on the softball fields with my friends, and in the living room with my family. Music is powerful, so I chose to shape listeners for the better. My healing is theirs, and theirs mine.

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