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07/28/18 - 7:15PM - Gary Lee

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Gary Lee | Live on The Living Stage | A Night of Country-Rock

Gary Lee is a musician, guitarist, and singer/songwriter. He started playing guitar 2 years ago. Gary soon found he had a talent for writing new music and lyrics, and started performing his music around the Salt Lake City open mic venues. Recently, he started developing his music and performing with Peter, Randall, and Ernie of Vinyl Visions, another local band. The fusion has created a mix of rock and country-rock to suit many tastes. Gritty songs like “Black Widow” and “Stand Up” to danceable “All I want is you” with a few heart-warming love songs like “Always” and “I miss you”, create a well-rounded collection of songs that stay in your memory and live in your heart. With electric and acoustic vibes, progressive rhythms, and meaningful lyrics, anyone can enjoy a set and walk away happy.