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07/14/18 - 7:30PM - Michael Buono

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Michael Buono | Slow It Down Tour | A Night with an Indie Rock Singer-Songwriter

A 24 year old singer-songwriter based in New York City, Michael Buono's influences range from Billy Joel to Ben Rector to Jon Bellion, and his versatile style reflects that. His live shows feature everything from an acoustic guitar to a loop pedal to even a sample machine, and his hit single, The 7 of Chords Highly Effective People, pokes fun at the homogeneity of pop music while still celebrating its value and appeal.

Michael released his first album, Slow it Down EP, in the winter of 2017, and has been playing shows in the Bay Area and East Coast for the past year and a half. He is currently working on a new album, which will feature 10 songs written over the past two years and should be released soon!

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