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02/23/17 - 8PM - Tommy G & Beth Heart

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Beth Heart is a well-traveled, award-winning, published poet, multimedia visual artist, photographer and formally trained graphic designer from Spokane, Washington. Over the course of her career, she has created countless art pieces utilizing multiple disciplines and inspired by numerous artistic influences.

She is best known for her Pointillism style pieces, which is her favorite discipline. French Artist Georges Seurat developed the technique. Like her predecessors, Beth uses a 3 step process. Unlike her predecessors, she uses bold gem tone colors and metallic paints that cause highlights to trick the eye. Her pieces utilize ink, acrylic, and watercolor to create rich, deep texture to enhance her eye-tricking Pointillism effects. She has been a regularly featured artist at wineries and store galleries and her paintings routinely hang in art galleries all over the Inland Northwest region each month.

Tommy Gantt, or “Tommy G”, as he is more commonly known around the Inland Northwest, has been writing songs, playing guitar and performing on stage since 1976 in venues ranging from elementary school auditoriums in suburban Baltimore, Maryland to medium-security prisons in Kootenai, Idaho to high school gymnasiums in Washington DC to giant mega-music-festival stages with tens of thousands in attendance in Seattle, WA and nearly everywhere else in between. Tommy is currently a regular solo acoustic performer/entertainer on the Inland Northwest region’s coffee house/wine bar circuit. He has been a frequent performer for First Friday, a Spokane music and art institution/tradition as well many other local area festivals, while maintaining a rigorous 150+ appearance-per-year schedule since 2010.

In Spring 2014, Tommy released his very first all-solo acoustic album, “Sound of a Smile” on Crestline Records. It has sold over 500 copies to date, with no distribution or promotions other than by Tommy’s engaging and intimate live performances.

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