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02/09/17 - 7PM - SLCYP

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Moderated by: Nchopia Nwokoma – Young Professionals Salt Lake

Speaker 1: Tyler Asman – Director of Learning & Improvement | United Way of Salt Lake Owner Pando Consulting  Website

Speaker 2: David Mason, Ph.d Consultant, DecisionWise Twitter    Facebook    Linkedin

Nchopia Nwokoma Bio: Nchopia is the founder and Executive Director of Young Professionals Salt Lake City. Nchopia started YPSLC in order to meet new people She has failed many times throughout her career and learned from her mistakes. Nchopia works in the leadership development industry as well as teaches at Salt Lake Community College. She loves art, food, traveling, and meeting new people.

Tyler Bio: Tyler has a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Houston where her emphasis was policy and advocacy. She is also an associate instructor at the University of Utah's Graduate College of Social Work where she teaches Human Rights & Social Justice. Tyler has served on a number of nonprofit boards, has delivered keynote addresses and training/motivational presentations to diverse groups, and is involved in local politics and advocacy.

David Mason Bio: David has a proven track record of getting his ducks in a row with laser-focus. He is able to drill down while touching base because his synergy is dialed up to 110%. His entrepreneurial mindset and solution orientation are outside of the box and demonstrate consistent ability to move goalposts. Industry experts value his strategic fit and mission-critical needle-moving.

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