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01/20/17 - 7PM - Laurie Hofmann

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Laurie Hofmann is a certified Sexual Assault Counselor/Victim Advocate and a public speaker presenter/educator on Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery. She works with victims of sexual assault and is a Certified Facilitator who speaks to adults about preventing child sex abuse.

Her Master’s thesis: Bridging the Gaps: Why Utah Needs More Services for Sexual Slaves and Trafficked Victims, focuses directly on what services are currently available for victims of trafficking and what services are needed in Utah.

Laurie is the Board Chair of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault (UCASA). She sits on the Board of Directors of Law Related Education (LRE) Utah Woman of the UN,  and the Utah Cultural Alliance (UCA). She hold a BS from the University of Utah in Health Promotion and Education, and an MA from Westminster College in Community Leadership. She is a mentor at Westminster College for undergraduate students whose studies focus on sexual assault and human trafficking.

In addition to her focus on Human Trafficking and Sexual Slavery she is also a consultant for nonprofit organizations helping them with strategic planning, Board development and governance, creating effective events, fundraising and development.