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06/27/18 - 6PM - Christina Marie

Christina Marie | From Inspiration to Visions | An Artist Talk

Christina Marie’s early childhood had started out as any ordinary life out in a little country town called LaCenter, WA. She was born and raised by two Christian parents that had given their lives to Christ before she was born. Because of her parents’ lives being profoundly changed after converting to Christianity, they had decided to attend church. It was while Christina Marie was in church service with her parents that she started to take an interest towards art at the age of seven. She had watched her older sister, with fixed eyes on the paper and pencil, draw a goat on a cliff. Through sheer determination to rise to the level of both of her older siblings’ art talents, she would spend countless hours creating drawing after drawing. 

Later in the Spring of 2009, Christina had enrolled in the art program at SFCC and had taken an oil painting class. After completion of her first oil painting, "Sunset on the Beach," her instructor had labeled it as a "gem." Within the past six years, she started to notice that with each new painting, her skills seemed to have increased--she has only painted a total of six paintings so far. 

The subjects of choice of her paintings had started out as nature and landscapes. But in the summer of 2012, she felt that her heart was moved from painting nature and landscapes to pursue Christian scenes, in which she uses the Bible as reference to her works.

Her key interest in the subject matter had led her to paint the four horses of the Apocalypse from the book of Revelation. "When I paint, it is as if I am getting the feeling of what to do at times, like where to place my brush. It is during these times when I let go of logic and the strive for perfection, that I find the most success in my paintings--to go by feeling and not by seeing." She goes further into detail that God is her inspiration behind her paintings. Her argument is that without Him, her paintings would not exist. It is through the Bible that she gains her insight of what to paint, and God is the author.” 

  “It was always my mom’s dream to one day see one of her children to make a living as an artist. She might not be alive today, but I know she is watching.”