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05/31/18 - 6pm - Sam White

Sam White | Faces by Sam | A Night of Expressive Art

Sam White was born May 19, 1958, in the Seattle, Washington area. White remembers copying comics from the newspapers with friends in the second grade and loved art though out his school years. In High school an art teacher, Al Kollar, encouraged Sam to experiment which sent White into his own style of boldly outlining faces with black markers and filling in with bold bright colors.

White had many emotional childhood events which allowed his moods to flow through his pens and brushes. Sam was accepted into the Cornish Institute of Art a few years later, however in 1982 he chose to join the Air Force. White became a working dog handler while in the military. He was stationed at Fairchild AF Base, Spokane WA. for over a year and was then stationed at Clark A.B. Philippines for six years, returning back to Fairchild AF Base, Spokane, WA. In 1990 Sam was deployed to Desert Storm and at the conclusion of the war again back to Fairchild AF Base. White was honorably discharged in 1991.

Sam decided to learn the plumbing trade in 1992, first apprenticing then finally opening his own business, Sam the Plumber…( dirty deeds done dirt cheap) in 2000. During this time, Sam attended his school reunion in 1999, running into old friends. They were surprised Sam hadn’t pursued his art as a profession. This got Sam thinking, and it wasn’t long before his overdue emotions were flowing onto many different mediums with various applications. Canvas, river rocks, sculptures of metal and his latest passion, caving his art into leather.

Sam White has had many exhibits in a variety of venues throughout the Northwest over the last several years. He believes in community involvement and big supporter of Non Profit Organizations and has donated works of art to many of them. Aides Foundation, Children’s Hospital, Habitat for Humanity and many drug and alcohol organizations to name a few. Currently living in Spokane, WA. White continues to own his own plumbing business. He lives with a loving lady who is supportive of his artwork and proud father of five children and ten grandchildren. White’s family all like and have his art hanging in their homes, never knowing what to expect from him next.

Sam Whites dream is “Someday I’d like to have many art pieces hanging in enough places that my style will be recognized as a Sam White creation”.

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