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05/23/18 - 6PM - Sean Stradling

Sean Stradling | The Recovery Corps | An Inspirational Live Podcast Event

Sean Stradling, Executive Director/NCRC 1, CCAR Certified

We offer a Community-Based Transitional Aftercare Recovery Coaching Program. Our experiential (real time, real world application) model has been found to be effective and successful. We work on Social Skills, Life Skills, Money Management, Job Procurement Skills, and Study Skills. 

I spent most of my life in the vicious cycle of addiction. I was suicidal. I felt lonely, lost, hopeless...I felt dead inside. I found myself getting so low that I began engaging in the adult industry and selling my body to get my next fix. I was selling drugs and committing crimes. I was tired of all of the chaos and destruction surrounding me. "What was wrong with me? Why can't I stop? I must be destined to live out my life this way?" I was suffering from substance abuse, alcohol and drug addiction. I have found freedom from my past. With hard work, determination, and discipline, long-term recovery has become my reality. I have found the keys to success. Life experiences have molded me into a qualified and strategic tool to help you find success as well. Through constant self-awareness and self-appraisal, I become the best version of myself everyday. All I had to do was ask for help. I will help you find the belief, the passion, and the desire to change. You do not have to go through this change alone. If you are suffering from drug abuse, a Recovery Coach (Sober Coach), or if you need the skills necessary to succeed at life (Life Coach), is a valuable asset to have on your team.