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05/17/17 - 6PM - Denny Carman

My name is Denny Carman, and I'm an Artist from Spokane, Wa. and my Medium is Oils. I was a plumber for 32 years, until injuries from a fall disabled me and took away my career. I've sketched my whole life, but after I was injured and went through some very low times, I started painting with Oils and it gave me my life back, and it has become my life. I don't paint the same subjects, I like to mix it up, but my Tree of Life and Butterfly Paintings are my most popular. I've sold my work all over the Country, but the most exciting thing to happen with my work, was when two of my pieces went to family members of a T.V. Show in Alaska. I now have shown in many locations and Galleries in the Spokane Area, and I am now The Curator  of 7 Venues, promote Art shows and work hard at bringing out new Artist. I love the Arts and what I do, and as long as I am able, I will never stop.