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02/15/17 - 6PM - Connie Janney

I have always been creating in one form or another. I started with oil painting in high school and changed to acrylics when I was in art school.

I have worked  in many mediums including oils, acrylics, collage, clay, wax carving for bronze sculptures and jewelry, large plaster sculptures and paper mache’.  My work has evolved from design drawings I did using various marker and pens.  I have always been drawn to folk art because of the symbolism and bright colors and whimsy, consequently, I think much of my work does have a folk art feel to it.

My goal is not to try to recreate nature but to create the spirit of nature as it manifests through me. I believe in infinite possibilities and think of my work as joyful, whimsical and fun. My hope is that others will find joy and inspiration and fun as well.

Currently, I am working on paintings of the cosmos. I have been so inspired by the images from the Hubble space telescope and the pictures from the INS (International Space Station.) I love learning about Cosmology, astrophysics and quantum physics as long as I don’t have to do the math. These paintings are also part of my evolution as an artist and a being experiencing being human. Mandalas are also a great passion of mine and a big part of my current work. I use the creative expression of the mandalas to bring creativity to people in the community by giving workshops using simply coloring to using meditation and creating your own mandala.

I think we live in exciting times with the world consciousness changing and all the discoveries in all the sciences proving INFINITE POSSIBILITIES!

“As a definition of a happy person, Bertrand Russel wrote in his The Conquest of Happiness….such a "person" feels himself a citizen of the universe, enjoying freely the spectacle that it offers and the joy that it afords, untroubled by the thoughts of death because he feels himself not really separated from those who will come after him.  It is such a profound instinctive union with the stream of life that the greatest joy is to be found.”