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11/12/16 - 4pm - Annette Kebsch

Hotel RL Olympia

Annette Kebsch is a violinist in the Ambrosia String Quartet and also in the Tacoma String Quartet – string quartets she founded and manages.  She currently resides in Gig Harbor, WA.  Although she lived in Alaska for 36 years, she graduated from Mercer Island Senior High School and earned her B. A. in Music and Education from Washington State University.

In Anchorage, Alaska Annette taught classroom music, band, choir, and orchestra for thirty years.  Most of those years, however, were spent as an orchestra teacher for grades 6-12.  In addition to public school teaching, Annette served as an adjudicator for solo/ensemble festivals and as a conductor for many large festivals.

Annette’s primary instrument is the violin.  She also plays the viola and the piano.  She has been teaching privately since 1972.  As part of her private teaching she prepared students for Junior Youth Symphony and Youth Symphony auditions.  She also worked with students on audition tapes for All State and All Northwest festivals.  In addition, she was a reference for students applying for college music scholarships.  She was listed as one of Alaska’s top private teachers and is also in the national Who’s Who of America’s Teachers.

Private lessons for Annette began when she was nine years old and lived in Minnesota.  At age ten she moved to New Orleans, LA and studied privately with Karl Kilinski who had been a violinist in the Warsaw Symphony.  Annette had the opportunity to play in her first ensemble at age twelve (one of the two youngest violinists) and perform weekly on a television show.  At age fourteen she moved to Mercer Island, WA and studied private violin with Vilem Sokol at the University of Washington.  As a college student she studied with Alfred Boyington and Alan Bodman at Washington State University.  The violin method she was taught was the Galamian method.  She performed in two symphony orchestras during college and also performed in operas.  At the end of her senior year she was hired as an out-of-state violinist to play in the Anchorage Festival of Music Summer Festival, initially under the baton of Seattle Symphony conductor, Rainer Miedel.  She did this for a few years.  Once she was residing in Anchorage, she continued to perform on a limited basis, from time to time, as someone who was hired for a small ensemble when soloists were brought to Alaska to perform.  She also performed in musicals.  At the time, she was busy raising a family, teaching public school full time, teaching privately, and working on a Master’s degree which she earned in 1986.  Available time was at a premium.

Since returning to Washington State in 2007, Annette has performed in two trios, two quartets, and two orchestras.  She continues to teach private lessons and finds playing for special events, such as weddings and corporate parties, to be very exciting.  It has been a pleasure to work with the musicians in the Ambrosia String Quartet and the Tacoma String Quartet.

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