The Living Stage at Hotel RL incorporates authors, artists, musicians, community leaders, local start-up and more. From lectures to performances to hands-on demonstrations, see what is happening next at The Living Stage.

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12/28/16 - 5:30PM - Katie Rains

Hotel RL Olympia

Katie first connected with GRuB in 2007 when she was a student at the Evergreen State College. In 2008, she founded the Washington Free Clinic Association, which she grew into a thriving health equity organization over the next five years as she continued volunteering with GRuB. She finally joined the staff team as Executive Director in 2013. Katie is local to Olympia and familiar with our community and the issues we’re facing, and she has an extensive background in community development and community health factors. To her, the work that GRuB does IS healthcare, and she's excited to bring more marginalized people to the table as we work to grow a just and sustainable food system.