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09/28/18 - 5PM - Madeline Finn

Hotel RL Olympia

Madeline Finn | 2018 Fall Tour | An Evening of Powerful Americana Rock

Madeline Finn is a proud Cleveland native who has been honing her singing and songwriting craft from a very young age. Winner of the Cleveland High School Rock-Off at 16, the first female fronted act to do so in the history of the contest, Finn has been a fixture in Cleveland venues and recording studios since before she graduated high school. Working as a solo artist and with nationally recognized acts Envoi and The Whiskey Hollow, Finn has honed her unique blend of powerful vocals, introspective lyrics, and smartly-crafted melodies. Finn currently works full-time as an artist and vocal/production coach, while touring and performing solo and with her band, The Whiskey Hollow. Finn has played a variety of major venues and festivals in the Midwest and continues to tour and record, scheduling shows and studio sessions throughout 2018. Often described as a powerhouse singer and songwriter, Finn has built a size able local and national following as an independent artist, striving to make unique music that speaks to the soul.

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