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02/21/17 - 7PM - Scott Schoengarth

Hotel RL Olympia

Presentation on Senior Transportation:

When is it time to turn over your car keys?
What are your transportation options?
Bus Buddies - Travel Training

Scott Schoengarth: Thurston County Bus Buddy Coordinator from Catholic Community Services of Western Washington; over 30 years of marketing and communications experience, 15-plus years working with volunteers.
Curt Daniel, Intercity Transit Travel Trainer for four years; 26 years as bus driver; expert on helping seniors, youth, and those with disabilities learn to comfortably ride the bus.
We have been going around the county making presentations about the FREE Bus Buddy and Travel Training programs (taxpayers are already footing the bill through sales tax). We will talk about:
•    Aging population (10,000 a day turning 65 in this country)
•    Idea that sooner or later we may have to give up our car keys
•    Good to plan ahead and learn what programs or options are available
•    Curt talks specifically about the Travel Training program aimed at folks who have never ridden a bus, or are apprehensive about doing so, or just need some guidance
•    I talk about the Bus Buddy program – volunteers who are willing to ride the bus with seniors, folks with disabilities, and youth
•    Finally we cover Dial-A-Lift, Community Vans, and even Village Van programs

Already (or soon) we have talked with:
•    Military Widows Association
•    St. Mike’s Prime Timers
•    Lacey Sunrise, Midday and Lamplighters Lions
•    Thunderbird, Laurel Park, Affinity, Cooper Point Village, Colonial Estates and Colonial Inn, and other retirement communities
•    Tumwater, Lacey, South Puget Sound and West Olympia Rotaries
•    National Association of Retired Federal Employees
•    Tumwater and Olympia Host Lions
•    Hawks Prairie Kiwanis
•    Providence St. Peter staff
•    Senior Action Network (SAN)
•    Senior Providers group
•    And many more
•    I’ll be on Panorama TV in February, and TCTV with Eileen, and we’ve already been interviewed on MIXX 96.1 by Dick Pust.

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