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02/16/17 - 7PM - Scott Schoengarth

Hotel RL Olympia

Scott Schoengarth will talk about the growing challenge of homeless kids – we always hear about the adults, but never the kids.  The numbers of kids considered homeless is not going down, even in the affluent cities and counties. I’ll talk about how our organization is supporting them, and what the money is being used for.
The “Q” Ladies (Maggie Schoengarth, Meggin Turk, Karen Wilson, Karin Calhoun and Anna Sue McNeill) will sing some of their medleys; I will also sing. Newt Buker will run sound system.

Born in beautiful downtown Burbank, Scott’s dad Bruce was a TV film and sound editor, working on shows like the original Star Trek, Lassie, Mork and Mindy, Steve Canyon, Barbra Stanwyck, Mannix, Hawaii 5-0, and many others. Scott inherited his dad’s creative side and has used it throughout his professional and volunteer marketing communications career.

Scott was part of the crew that founded Entertainment Explosion in 2006, a group of seniors ages 50+ who like to sing and dance. They quickly decided to find a way to help the 2,000 homeless school-aged kids in eight local school districts, and those served by Community Youth Services. Their benefit concert – A Really Big Shoe – debuted in 2007. After ten years, EE has now raised $250,000 for the kids for shoes, clothes, food, shelter, school supplies and fees, and other needs.

Scott is producer for the eighth time, and director for the sixth time, for A Really Big Shoe 11 – Our Last Farewell, set for 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 12 at the downtown Olympia Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are available at or at 360-753-8586.  

The “Q” Ladies are EE’s top break-out singing group, featuring strong medleys from the 50’s and 60’s. On Feb. 25, 2018, A Really Big Shoe 12 will feature the folk-singing legendary group, the Brothers Four.