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10/22/17 - 5PM - Dahlia Doyley

Ms. Dahlia Doyley was born in Kingston, Jamaica and migrated to the United States at the age of 17 with her parents Devon and Maxine. Ms. Dahlia Doyley is the only child for both parents. She is also a mother of two beautiful young ladies, Vivianna and Nakiya. Ms. Doyley recognized a particular gift on her life at the age of 12 and struggled to shift into her calling. With the struggle, she battled deep depression and oppression. The quote that invade her life and invoke her heart, spoken by her First Lady and Senior Pastor Yvonne MCDonald, “Convenience isn't convenience if it's only for you.” Ms. Doyley saw the error of her ways and made a decision to walk out of depression and oppression at the age of 28 through deliverance in God’s words into her destiny; changing her outlook on her life in the word of God to elevate to excellence. Her goal is to encourage and inspire a New Wine Generation with full understanding that family comes first and that was and her first ministry. At the age of 32, Ms. Doyley moved into her gifts and calling through colors and numbers and the gift of discernments, in which she identified God in the call to Destiny Elevate Excellence (D.E.E.) She pursued the call inspired by God and wrote her first book, “ The Identifying Shift.”
Ms. Doyley saw the future with an inspiring and encouraging word from her leader and Pastor Apostle David Mcdonald of the First community Cathedral of Praise Ministries through quote like this, “Your future so bright you’ll need shades to see.” These words were the foundation for her giving faith and endurance to fight for the greater cost, which she activated through scripture: Matthew 7: 7, “Ask, and it shall given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock ,and it shall be opened unto you.” Ms. Doyley stands strong in her belief that prayer is the key and that she is the product of her prayers parent on her life. She believes in the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, and experiences him for herself.