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09/16/17 - 7PM - SKYSIDE 6

Experience them live in Omaha: Skyside 6 was a radio term for God used by U.S. ground forces during the Vietnam War. It meant in the current situation it seems as if only God can save us now. This need for God is what compels us to play music. The current members are long-time friends. With years of experience behind them Skyside 6 formed in the early summer of 2014. "As the sky meets the silence, and the fear stops my lungs. There's no hope for my rescue, only God can save me now." Skyside 6 is currently made up of Branden and Anthony. They are not only band mates, but also best friends. With Branden on lead vocals and guitar and Anthony on bass and backing vocals, they create a dynamic duo seeking to make an impact. (Former Members Include Jake Baxter as also formerly seen in the band Omaha and Delsin Mandella as featured in the Mandella Sky EP.)