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09/13/17 - 6PM - Stephen Monroe

Experience him live in Omaha: Shot of Bluz with a Rock-n-Roll Chaser Stephen Monroe is a song writer, a singer and a guitar player. He truly loves these endeavors and the crooked path that it has put him on. Stephen’s musical journey began when his two older brothers let him come to their band practices and gigs. Next he proceeded to learn to play his oldest brother's bass guitar playing along with records. He started to pick up the six string in similar more methodical fashion. There was great music all around and he caught the bug. His first band was right out of high school, playing bass and singing, a pattern that he would follow for many years to come. Stephen was writing the whole time and a few of his tunes made it to the song lists and demos in some of the bands. Then it was time to step away. It didn't work anymore. Stephen started writing more introspectively and performing solo acoustic in church. For a time, he played with friends at coffee houses and bars and kept writing and playing that guitar. When he fog cleared, Stephen Monroe went solo. He followed his vision, passion and found his current path. Music creates a joy that works both ways when it is done with authenticity and heart. This musical journey has brought Stephen through many trying times and tricky situations. It also has allowed him to meet tremendous people. All these things give him the desire to give something that is fresh and of the highest quality he can muster. Stephen hopes you enjoy his musical efforts and it helps lift you up.

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