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September's Featured Artinst Ricky Powell

Ricky Powell Jr, an incredible talent from the Midwest, one who captures the essence of iconic and custom characters and transform them into the NOW!

Experience Some of his amazing art that will be displayed at the hotel during the month of September.

Ricky Powell Jr, was born April 22, 1984 to a Ricky and Judy Powell Sr. He fell in love with art at a very early age. He drew his first picture at four years old and been drawing ever since. At an early time in his life he knew he wanted to be an artist.

In high school he found himself in his art, with the help of his favorite art teacher Mrs. Patterson, who taught him how to grid and how to proportion his pictures. Ricky is known for his portraits of famous icons and custom characters in prisma colors and scratch boards.

In July of 2016 Ricky was introduced to world famous artist, Cecil Bernard who is now his close mentor and sponsor. With guidance and new management Ricky has started off 2017 reaching new heights with his art. With God's help and hard work, he is redefining himself in his paintings, adding more diversity and creativity.

In 2017 Ricky Powell is reaching new heights in business. With paintings being sold in Canada and the UK, his dreams of having international exhibits are one step closer.  As of February of 2017, Ricky is now a full-time artist. To reach new heights within in his craft as well as giving back, Ricky has become an instructor for Pinot’s Pallet, teaching art classes. Ricky has also began partnering with multiple organizations to spread his craft nationwide. These partnerships include A Populace Brand: LLC of Highlands, Va. and the Love’s Jazz and Arts Center in Omaha, Ne.  Ricky has also expanded his customer base to include, executives for Union Pacific, national restaurant chain, Lolo’s Chicken, and commissioned art for national performer, Johnny Britt and world renowned, rapper Snoop Dogg. And for the months of June-October Ricky’s artwork will be on full display in the Artist Collective gallery of the Love’s Jazz and Arts Center as their resident artist, as well as Art director.