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09/03/17 - 6PM - NeBRASSka

Hotel RL Omaha

Experience them live in Omaha: John Kool has long had the idea for a horn rock band that was not confined to just SOUL, BLUES or JAZZ, but versatile in many popular forms of music.  In early 2016, he started collecting arrangements, when Tim Ellerbee, a former band mate in a jazz combo called and asked John if he knew of any trumpet players who wanted to play in a horn-rock band.  “Yeah, ME!”, John replied, recognizing how much easier it would be to join a band than to start one.  Unfortunately, that group suffered from personnel changes and only played a few times in a year and a half, eventually folding.  From the ashes of that group rose NeBRASSka.

NeBRASSka’s  goal is to provide quality, family oriented entertainment that is fun for the audience and fun for the musicians.  Almost anything goes.

We are diverse by race, gender, professions, age, and musical backgrounds, not because we sought out diversity, but by the wonderful accident of being united in our goals for this group.