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08/17/17 - 6PM - Blonde Bomber

Experience her live in Omaha: Carol Sutton is an up-and-coming handicapper in the thoroughbred racing world.  Based out of Lincoln, Nebraska, she is affectionately known as “The Blond Bomber” among her friends for her ability to pick long shots.

She will be demonstrating the angles she uses to identify the ‘bombs,’ and using races taking place on Saturday as examples.  Most importantly, she will be showcasing new technology to predict winners on both dirt and turf races using proprietary algorithms from several different websites.  Each person in attendance will receive a tip sheet with the example card, so they can try it for themselves at the track. 

Predicteform is her favorite long shot identifying tool, but surface switches, shipping angles, and form cycles will be discussed.  At the end of the evening, a contest will be held to try out the new methods, and we will “bet” on a live race to watch together.  Everyone in the audience will have a chance to win a free night at the Red Lion hotel.

Carol’s favorite tracks to handicap include Del Mar, Santa Anita, Thistledown, and Gulfstream.  Her greatest payouts have included trifectas with 99-1 winners ($1500 hit), and exactas with 99-1 winners ($420 hit).

What’s more fun than winning a bunch of money, all in one race?  Come learn how to bet while using the motto, “If you hit one 99-1, you could lose the next 98 races and still be up at the end of the day.”