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08/01/17 - 6PM - Gina McClure

Gina McClure is a landscape and portrate photographer. She is a collector of memories & moments. She is a believer that in 10, 20, 30, 40 years, the moments that we are going to want to remember are the little ones. The little everyday moments that sometimes we all take for granted but nonetheless, those are the ones where the good stuff is.
She is a believer that even when our days are hard, even when we feel tested or unsure, those are the things we are going to want to remember because they make us who we are. Gina believes in capturing our lives, where we are today...both the good and the hard.
Gina first fell in love with photography in high school. My grandpa gave me his 35mm camera to use for class, which I still have. She loved working in that dark room when she studied photography, again black & white & film in college. That is when she got a little dark room set up of my own that I would set up in my bathroom after my son had gone to bed.
For many years Gina became just a snapshot taker. Which is fine, we all need snapshots of our loved ones. However, she longed for something more. I knew that these days with our families, our kids are the best days of our lives, even when they are hard. Gina longs to capture the emotion and the truth behind our lives.

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