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07/01/2017- 7PM - Abstract Mindz

Abstract Mindz welcomes all whom enjoy supporting the creative world of Contemporary Arts. We are a youth represented group of talented artists...

Abstract Mindz is a newly created community organization from Omaha, NE that has been creating freedom of expression and modern art forms since their commencement in 2013. They have sought to connect with young Latino artists from the South Omaha Community to allow them the opportunity to showcase their talents within gallery exhibitions throughout the city of Omaha. Working with various community leaders and building relationships with many great Locals, they set out to create a name for themselves within the growing community of artists and are taking any chance they get to promote Modern Urban Arts as the new Contemporary.

This exhibition will showcase over 10 Local Artists, who very in all sorts of mediums, from spray paint, drawing and painting, to photography. Each individual Artist is putting both their mind and spirit at work, and are showing the world a side to them only seen through their artwork. From ages 15 to 30, here are the artists in showcase; Ricardo Alejandro Trejo, Annette Gutierrez, Shantee Zamora, Eduardo Alejandro Barrales, Carlos Rodriguez, Kim Barragan, Allan Hernandez, Jose Antonio Barrales, Yadira Gerardo, Nicholas Hernandez, Christian Soria, and Sergio Gomez.

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