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03/11/17 - 7PM - Erin Sanders

“TED talk” type presentation about art. I will showcase some of my work on both the stage as well as on the monitor above.

I am originally from California but raised in Colorado. I grew up in a very small mountain community near Grand Lake.  I came to live in Omaha after meeting my husband in college.  He was originally from here and I fell in love with this place after a few visits to see his family. We now live here in Omaha with our two wildly outrageous boys ages 8 and 10. I have always had a love of drawing, sketching, painting, cartooning, and just plain getting messy, but did not realize the power of art until entering into the world of child welfare where it suddenly became a need for survival.  

“Vibrant acrylic colors name the emotions in the work of Erin Sanders. ‘I had created several different abstract pieces that appeared to mirror my emotions… I was literally throwing all my energy onto a canvas and at the completion of a painting, physically felt better about the loss of control I felt in my daily work.’ The effect of Sanders' work proves to her that converting the emotional vigor through a paintbrush brings relief in the most positive way.” –Daily Nonpareil 2013