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02/25/17 - 7PM - Virginia Kathryn

Walking through the stories of her music, Virginia will offer a unique glimpse into the mind and heart of her storytelling. Tracing all the way back to the hills of Appalachia and the sweeping ballads of English folk-song, she will take you on a journey through the songs that have shaped her as a musician and as an individual.

Virginia Kathryn started performing her original music in coffeehouses and restaurants at an early age. She has always taken great joy in melding her own musical repertoire with international styles. She continues to perform in venues around Omaha, as well as providing original compositions for small-scale film, videography and exhibit projects. Arising from a fascination with Celtic balladeers and a passion for American Delta blues, she uses the voice of her instrument to convey the stories of those who came before her. One of her greatest joys when performing has been seeing the way that these stories can touch people from a distance of decades or centuries, returning through her own contemporary musical voice. In her songs, she tries to capture moments in time, and the brilliant, fleeting emotions that can accompany even the most seemingly insignificant events. Music has been a bridge for her between performer and audience, between adolescence and adulthood, between her culture and the international community.

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