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02/10/17 - 7PM - Pink Flamingos

The Pink Flamingos harken back to the days when honest music reigned and simplicity was expected. They'll transport you to the honky-tonks of the West. Deserted winter beaches and the lonesome sound of the desert will take you to a plain of sadness and longing. Haunting melodies, catchy hooks, and revisiting universal sadness is the common thread throughout their music.

Corey Stroud and Steve V go way back to the early 2000's but it wasn't until 2012 that they started getting together and playing covers in n the living room and at open mics. At the time, Corey was part of the Omaha Rockabilly trio "The Blacktop Ramblers." The Blacktop Ramblers folded, and Corey joined a Bluegrass band, which was great, but he missed playing the kind of mid-century country and classic rock & roll his soul yearned for. It was about then Corey discovered that Steve had written lots of really great songs over the years, which caused him to change directions. They started a thing together, and that thing became the Pink Flamingos. They snagged Stephanie Krysl, a singer/songwriter with the internationally-acclaimed band The Electroliners. Corey threw in a few songs that he had written, and next thing you know the band was kicking. Next, the band picked up Bill Arab on lead guitar. Bill's played with some big names, and brings his own fresh ideas - but he'd never admit it. You may notice he apologizes a lot and spells things "the right way", but don't worry - he's just Canadian. The Pink Flamingos write songs that draw on - and try to preserve - the sounds from the early days of Rock n Roll, Country, and Americana. If you like that kind of thing, they probably like you.