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10/06/17 - 7PM - Shawnequa Linder

Shawnequa Linder is an abstract painter and photographer whose work explores the interplay of urban decay, texture, color, and unlikely elements that can be meshed together to create a unified composition. Her work has been exhibited at Omaha’s RNG Gallery, Hop Shops Art Center, and Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts and other venues in the Metro Omaha area.

When I paint, I don’t start with just one idea,” said artist Shawnequa Linder. “If something emerges, I go with it and see how it reveals itself.” And revealing it is. The artist’s paintings involve complex combinations of color and texture, which in turn result in works that are simultaneously harmonious and discordant, yet wholly unified. Linder likes to describe her paintings as fitting within the abstract decay genre, a genre that highlights how visually compelling weathered and worn art can be. “I love the beauty of inner destruction when everything is not related to each other,” she stressed. That means Linder has an uninhibited, spontaneous approach to painting. Her technique is loose yet controlled, and she applies layer upon layer of paint to create a surface density that she in turn wears down and builds back up—or vice versa. While she uses conventional artist brushes, she often eschews them in favor of foam brushes and particularly her fingers, which allows her to control the work in a fluid manner that lends a distinctive quality to her work.