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08/11/17 - 7PM - Like Minded People

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

Experience it live in Brooklyn: Nê (somthing, a thing) Gue (that is) Madji (good) is N'gambaye for "A Good Thing;" it is a native Chadian language. 

The objective for Like Minded People NYC is to align with our vision, which is to create platforms for artists, enticing different communities to engage into transforming discussions and encourage meaningful conversations.

Through artistic endeavors, Like Minded People NYC's giving comedians, musicians, and poets and chance to affect our community positively.

The lineup of artists is:

Aaron (R&B, Soul music)

Deanne aka Minni-Deanne (Hip-Hop)

Festus aka Gifted Lyrically (Hip-Hop)

G.E.D. Music (Hip-Hop)

Hernan (Poetry)

Jakeith (Hip-Hop, Poetry)

Jerry (Comedy)

Jessica & Paul (Jazz duo)